TRUST in Schools

TRUST schools

Trauma, Understanding and Sensitive Teaching (TRUST) is ACATLGN's trauma sensitive schools program that we are currently piloting in partnership with the Education and Training Directorate in the Australian Capital Territory.

There has been an increase in the understanding that schools need to move towards becoming trauma informed and trauma sensitive. Schools, teachers and all school staff have a huge role in the lives of children. It is essential that they provide safe and supportive environments where the impacts of experiences of adversity and trauma are recognised and acknowledged.

Read through our resources below to increase your understanding of how your school can promote trauma sensitive practices.

Resources for practitioners

Creating TRUST in schools

 146.59 KB pdf

An information sheet on the benefits of trauma sensitive services and the core attributes of the TRUST in Schools project.

Supporting TRUST in schools

 136.78 KB pdf

This resource discusses the 5 key components that form the basis of a whole of school approach to trauma sensitive practices.

Why be a trauma sensitive school?

 136.7 KB pdf

Schools can protect against the impact of experiences of adversity and trauma by being safe havens for learning. This resource discusses what a trauma sensitive school looks like.

Other resources

Creating trauma-sensitive schools to improve learning

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
This webpage provides links to a variety of resources to help schools support students affected by trauma.

Essential trauma informed practices in schools

Arizona Department of Education School Safety and Prevention
A presentation slide on trauma, its impact on students, and why schools should be trauma-informed.

Schools that separate the child from the trauma

A New York Times article on examples of trauma-sensitive initiatives across the US and what schools are doing to change the whole school environment.

The heart of learning: Compassion, resiliency, and academic success

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction; Western Washington University
This handbook for teachers provides information with your work with students who have been adversely impacted by trauma.

Trauma and grief resources

Winsconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Center
A resources page with lists of resources to help schools support students and families respond to trauma.


Community Resilience Cookbook

This website focuses on resilience and aims to answer the question, "What can I do?" It also features a section discussing the different terms that come up in conversations about trauma such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), secondary trauma, and epigenetics.

Trauma and Learning Policy Inititaive

This website includes a wide array of great resources on trauma sensitivity in schools, including the 'Helping traumatized children learn' publications.