Indigenous children and families: Cultural awareness

It is always important as a professional dealing with Indigenous cultures to be aware of the culture of community with which one is engaging. Cultural awareness shows respect for the culture with whom one is working, which can aid people working with these communities to build better relationships and be more effective in their work.

The resources on this web page can help to guide professionals working with Indigenous communities to be more culturally aware, and provide guidelines for providing child and adolescent trauma, loss and grief services with the culture of the community in mind.

Other resources

Community matters: Stories in diversity

The MindMatters DVD was designed as a professional development tool and looks at family and community involvement to improve health and wellbeing.

Cultural considerations and techniques - Guidelines for providing mental health first aid to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

 199.7 KB pdf

Mental Health First Aid
This resource discusses cultural considerations relevant to mental health care.

Cultural considerations in out-of-home care

 207 KB pdf

National Child Protection Clearinghouse (AIFS)
This article discusses the cultural considerations that must be taken into account when placing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out of home care. 

Culture and response to grief and loss

Article from discusses cultural considerations when working with grief and loss issues.

Strengths of Australian Aboriginal cultural practices in family life and child rearing

Child Family Community Australia
This resource provides a brief overview of some of the cultural values and views of Aboriginal families and discuss how it is a protective force for Aborginal children.


Share Our Pride

Reconciliation Australia
A comprehensive introduction to Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander peoples and their culture.