Supporting families

Supporting children nearly always means supporting families. Trauma can involve single or multiple experiences that may affect entire families and we know that the way families respond and support children are critical to the child's outcomes.

This hub focuses on understanding more about how the way parents and carers respond to traumatic events impacts on children and how you can support families through these challenging times.

Resources for families and carers

Facing tough times

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Supporting your family through life's tough times.

Parental wellbeing

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Parenting can be one of the most rewarding roles you will take on in life. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. 

Protecting children from harm and trauma during family conflict

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This tipsheet was created for parents and other adult care-givers. It explains the impact of family conflict on children, and encourages them to find better ways to resolve their differences. 

Protecting children from unnecessary trauma during separation and divorce

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This tipsheet was designed to encourage parents to focus on their children during separation and divorce, and protect them from their own adult issues and conflict.

Step families: supporting your children as families are blended and living arrangements change

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Advice for parents and carers on supporting your children through a change of living situation.

Supporting your child through times of financial hardship

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Coping with tough times can be hard for everyone, but it can be especially difficult when you have a family to worry about too. One of the main stresses that can be placed on a family is the stress of financial hardship.

Supporting your child when a parent is in jail

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In Australia, approximately 50% of all prisoners are parents. This leaves many, many children who are affected by their parent being incarcerated.

Other resources

Connecting with families: conversations that make a difference

This e-learning course comprises of two modules on strategies for educators or other professionals to help in their work with families. A certificate is issued upon completion.

Families and trauma

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), US
A new webpage on the NCTSN website. It provides discussion on impact of trauma from a family systems perspective, and links to resources which focus on the family.

Families matter

This page provides links to news and resoruces that can aid families to support the mental health of children.

Family recovery from terror, grief and trauma

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Atle Dyregrov
Centre for Crisis Psychology, Norway

This article discusses the changes that take place in families following a traumatic event. It discusses interventions that can assist with family recovery.

Life in the aftermath: A summary of the literature on individual and family functioning following natural disasters

Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS)
This review discusses the impact a disaster may have on individuals and families following a disaster and also looks at family recovery. 

Parenting support and information

This series of information sheets cover topics such as learning, social development and positive family relationships. It also includes information on risk factors that influlence children's mental health and how to build on protective factors.

Picking up the pieces: Family functioning in the aftermath of natural disaster

Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS)
This resource examines the familial response to a range of disasters and discusses the impact that this has on children.

Supporting parents, supporting children: A Victorian early parenting strategy

 380.47 KB pdf

Department of Human Services, VICThis guide has been developed for early parenting services providing specialist support to vulnerable children and families from pregnancy to pre-school.

Tune in to little ones: Extra concerns and how to help

Department of Children and Families, NT
This booklet provides information on how workers can support children under 2 years old and their families.

Working with Indigenous children, families and communities: Lessons from practice

Child Family Community Australia - AIFS
This resource discusses practical considerations in working with Indigenous families.


Parenting Research Centre

This website contains information on supporting parents and families and is building a range of resources.

Trauma and Grief Network (TGN): Supporting families

The TGN is a sub-project of ACATLGN and contains a range of information on trauma and adversity that can be utilized when working with parents.